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/ SOLUSVREBA QUICK-LOOK PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: logo design, branding, slogan, business card, website assets

/ Solusvreba is an adventure and expedition management company working with some of the world's greatest expolorers and adventurers: Sir Ranulph Fiennes, Pen Hadow, Rosie Stancer. When I was given the brief for Solusvreba, I couldn’t have been happier. I love the outdoors, I write about the woods and the elements and feel utterly at home when I stroll through some dank, rich coloured, earthy smelling coppice. Solusvreba gave me the chance to explore the primal, natural, animal, elemental part of our inheritance that adventurers and explorers, incredible humans of great daring, tenacity, physical and mental strength, put into practice in every step further into the snowy wildreness, or wild dangerous jungles, or churning, tumultuous waters. They keep the human wild spirit alive and well for all of us, whilst we drink coffee from the comfort of our warm homes.

The emblem I drew for Solusvreba consists of four animals and is in the form of the letter 'S'. It represents the animal nature innate in all of us. Almost all ancient cultures celebrated the animal spirits that humans feel deeply akin to; from the Mesopotanians to the Native American Indians; from Pagans across the globe to the rampaging Vikings. The Solusvreba emblem represents these wild spirits. The lion evokes astounding human courage and strength — the ‘brave’ in Brave Souls; the wolf-dragon exudes wildness, freedom, mystery, cunning and intelligence; the two play-fighting foxes show camaraderie, fieriness and fighting spirit — the ‘V’ in SolusVreba for ‘Versus'; and they are all working in dependant synchronicity, just like in the natural world, to form a united, dynamic wildness in forming the initial ‘S’. Wild, free, curious and extraordinarily brave, just like the inspiring people Solusvreba represents.

I designed the logo, master brand, slogan and stationery. The fabulous photography is by world renowned photographer Martin Hartley — ©Martin Hartley Photography |

Solusvreba Adventure Management - Branding by Theory Unit in Sherborne

Solusvreba Adventure Management - Branding by Theory Unit in Sherborne






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